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“There is a courtesy of the heart; it is allied to love. From it springs the purest courtesy in the outward behavior.”
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Scholars and authorities on good behavior, manners and etiquette would argue that proper behavior is an absolute requirement to having a harmonious society. To display proper manners not only indicates education and breeding, but also courtesy for one’s fellow man. No man is an island and courtesy is needed for everyone to co-exist.

Unfortunately, there are people who are born callous, uncaring for the others around them. To have these people around in a small, confined space, such as the cabin of an airplane, sometimes spells not only irritation, but also disaster. Terry Riley, in his article, calls them witless passengers. How does one become a witless passenger?

A witless passenger:

annoys the people around them by showing up at the airport without taking a bath.
arrives at the airport early so he can drown himself in booze before boarding.
brings with him a lot of carry-on luggage, crams them all carelessly in the overhead compartment or dumps them on the aisle if there is no more space in storage.
fights his way to be the first aboard the airplane, regardless of the assigned seat.
fixes his seat to its maximum reclined position immediately after takeoff without a care for the passenger sitting behind him, often smashing the other passenger’s knees with the back of his seat.
plays around with his tray table, letting it spring out of its lock and bounce around until it goes to a standstill.
moves around a lot, even when the flight attendants have already begun going down aisles with their service carts.
uses the back of the seat of the passenger in front of him as a brace whenever he settles back into position in his own seat, gripping it carelessly then suddenly letting go so as to jar the other passenger’s head.
allows the young children traveling with him to wreak havoc in the plane, running up and down the aisles, jumping on the other passengers and screaming loudly, disturbing those asleep.
fights his way out of the airplane without consideration for the others ahead of him as soon as the plane reaches its destination, blocking the others behind him with his assortment of carry-on junk being dragged down the aisle.
So, are you a witless passenger?

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